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What We Can Do for You


We carry out an annual quality assurance for all our service users and support workers.  Our service users and stakeholders are involved in the self-assessment of Community Care Choice which is passed to the Care Inspectorate for inspection purposes. We have our own participation/steering group where service users and their families are encouraged to contribute to help improve the quality of Community Care Choice services.

"During this inspection we found that Community Care Choice had a positive impact on both the client's and their family's lives. We found that the staff, manager and proprietor had the client at the centre of their work. We found very good examples of people being supported to live at home, socialise, go on holiday, maintain internships and be involved in activities including cycling and skiing."  Care Inspectorate Report 2017

We provide Support with:

Community Care Choice can be accessed in several ways:

  • ​You have Self Directed Support Funding and wish to purchase support

  • You wish to make a private arrangement with ourselves directly.


What We Can Offer you

Our list is not exhausitive and a friendly voice at any of our offices will be happy to offer advice, or come and see you.

Personal Care – tailored to you, in your own home Domestic/houseworkSpecialist areas

  • Bathing/showering

  • Support with Medication

  • Catheter care

  • Meal preparation

  • Pet care

  • Companionship

  • Cleaning/laundry

  • Meal preparation

  •  Support to shop/pay bills

  • Home security

  • Social Support

  • Palliative Care

  • Hospital Discharge

  • Dementia

  • Telecare

  • Re-ablement support

  • Stoma Care

  • Oxygen care


Developing Your Personal Care Plan

​We will work with you to develop a Personal Care Plan tp provide a care package which is suitable to yoru needs.   

You may feel vulnerable and not as able to do things or you just want some extra support to make life easier. 

For us as a provider of care we are looking at innovative services and continuous development. The focus on rather than seeing ourselves as recipients of contracts of Care provision, but what can we actually offer.


Self Directed Support

  • You control the monies for yourself

  • You choose how to spend it

  • You choose who you get support from

  • You get help to do things you want to do, or still do

  • You can ask the following people for information, advice

  • Care manager/social worker

  • Support worker

  • Home care agencies

  • Friends/family

  • Someone who already had a personalised budget

  • Advocacy groups

  • Age UK website

  • People who work for ‘In Control’


We are keen to assist you wherever we can and you can also log onto and seek independent information and guidance.


Re-ablement – this term includes language such as enablement, rehabilitation and intermediate care. It is about assisting people with learning or re-learning the skills necessary for daily living. Most local authorities have opted to utilise their own staff at the initial stages, which is approximately six weeks of intensive input. This invariably is supported by Occupational therapists and ensuring people become as independent as possible at the end of this period.

However for ourselves we need to look at how we support people after those first six weeks, continuing with the support which enables people to manage as much for themselves. The use of technology and equipment is helpful in sustaining people at home. Also ensuring people have access to information about wider social and community support.


Technology – telecare and telehealthcare as you may have heard it called. This is about continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies. In supports lifestyle changes which happen over time in order to manage the risks associated with independent living.


It should be discreet and can manage risks both in terms of the persons health and home environment.

Home environment i.e. smoke, gas, flood, heat detection which then can raise an alarm that triggers external people to respond and support the person.


Health i.e. remotely monitoring a person’s vital signs through the use of easy equipment that healthcare professionals can customise externally from the house, enabling people to manage their own condition, improve their quality of life and preventing avoidable hospital admissions.


These are some of the main areas,  we have more, and, associated work instructions/ forms which are given to all of our employees. This gives you a flavour of our desire to support our employees and yourself, and taking our responsiblities seriously to offer a positive experience whether you are an employee or in reciept of a service from us.

We are one of the leading and most well respected care providers in Glasgow and the West of Scotland and we would be very happy to discuss how we can help you.

Funding Your Care

There are various ways of funding your care package:

You may have been assessed by a social worker and have received a budget.  This means you can choose when you requrie your care, eg on what days and specific times.

We will work with you to develop a Care Plan which meets all of your needs and aspirations.    It is vital that all service users/advocates participate in ensuring that their Care Plan reflects their wishes.

We can support you with Personalisation - Read More

Direct Payments - Read More

Independent Living Fund

"I have had consistent and continuous support and the staff at Community Care Choice are always at the centre of this." Service User

Community Care Choice is a person centred organisation which supports individuals at home and in the community throughout Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

Our support allows our users to live their lives, realise their potential and fulfil their ambitions.