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  1. Having support to remain in my own home is very important to me.

    I am now receiving night care as getting to bed was becoming a struggle and the daily task of walking the dog was a worry.

    I now have a carere who comes to help me to get to bed and takes my dog Mischa out before bedtime.

    This gives me great piece of mind. I have the same carers who I have a great relationship with and I trust them.

  2. Hi I am Michael and I am 19 years old. This means my needs are that of a young man with a busy life.

    Community Care Choice support me in all aspects of my life from going to college 4 days a week to befriending me on a Saturday.

    I sometimes go to the football with my befriender but mostly we just chill at the snooker club where I am now friends with the members of staff. I can even go there on my own because of my increased independence.

    I also get support with personal care in the evening. When you are 19 it’s not cool if your Mum and Dad do this!

    I will need this kind of support all my life but it has given me independence and self confidence.

    The service has always been flexible to me and my family about holidays and things. I think this is great!

  3. I have multiple sclerosis and I have received support from Community Care Choice since 2003.

    I have my own support team of carers who support me at home and when I go to hospital appointments or to the MS Centre.

    We have a lot of laughs and I feel my workers know me well.

    Recently I had the opportunity to participate in interviewing a new member of staff who was hoping to join the company. I asked a few questions about issues that were important to me. The carer passed with flying colours and I enjoyed being involved in the interview process. Hopefully they will ask me again!

  4. By having Community Care Choice involved as a service provider, it has provided me with more flexibility. By offering this it gives me more access to a range of social activities I couldn’t have done before.

    I’m now at Stow College during the week and go to dance class at the tramway some evenings.

    My support allows me to be independent and gives my Mum a rest.

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