Business Development Plan

October 2012 – October 2013


To provide a qualitive service ensuring the safety of users and staff whilst adhering to the national care standards

To provide continuity care in order that the carer and service user build on a relationship of trust, honesty and respect for each other.


To support individuals to remain in their own home, and to make informed choices about the life they lead.

To communicate with each other and external agencies in an appropriate way. Ensuring all needs are being met.

Developing Our Business 2012 / 2013

Updating our website, which will have a forum for staff and service users.

A new Facebook page for Community Care Choice, which will bring our staff and service users up to date with what’s going on within the company.

We have employed a Public Relations representative for the company Patricia Ward who will be responsible for all advertising and creating an awareness of what we do within our sector.

Expanding our methods of consultation and participation with service users through various monitoring systems.

Suspension – to supervise all staff quarterly in order to meet with the Care Inspectorate Guidelines

Short Term

To contact all service users and staff inviting their support to become involved in setting up a forum for Community Care Choice.

To plan training for new and existing staff.

To support existing SVQII to completion of their award

To support existing SVQIII and SVQIV staff

Review of company supervision procedures.

Review of training schedules and training needs analysis.

Long Term

To involve stakeholders in the policy and practice of the company

Full stakeholder consultation and inclusion using a variety of communication methods appropriate to need.

Continuous review of staff and management structure

Creating awareness of Community Care Choice through advertising and the use of social media.

Staffing and Management Structure

Director – Joeanne Hamilton
Director – Frank Hamilton

Care Manager – Donna Robertson

Finance – Sandra Kelly
Finance – Rhona MacLeod

Domestic Supervisor – Bernadette Purvis

Care Coordinator – Angela Mount
Care Coordinator – Breda Duffy

Receptionist / Administration – Liz Wilson

Community Care Choice     |     Citywall House, 1st Floor, 32 Eastwood Avenue, Shawlands, Glasgow, G41 3NS     |     Telephone: 0141 632 8198