Bernie’s Fabulous Collage of Mrs Brown

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It just shows you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and we are so proud of Bernie Hunter who took over two years to create this amazing collage of Agnes Brown from Mrs Brown’s Boys TV Series. Bernie painstakingly rolled every piece of tissue paper to create this fabulous artwork which she presented to Brendan O’Carroll at his recent tour in Glasgow. Bernie you are a star!…/mrs-browns-boys-superfan-sur…

Understanding and supporting people with dementia

Understanding and supporting people with dementia from Alzheimer’s Society:
“Living with dementia can have a big emotional, social, psychological and practical impact on a person. Many people with dementia describe these impacts as a series of losses and adjusting to them is challenging. This factsheet aims to give people – and carers in particular – a better understanding of what it is like to have dementia. It looks at ways to support someone to live well with the condition, based on that understanding. It also looks at how supporting someone with dementia can affect carers.

Find out more at…/scripts/documents_info.php…

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